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  • 1st: Daiki | 2nd: Yamada | 3rd: Chinen
  • Daiki and Yamada clashed.
  • Chinen became first and won.


OMG guys I just reached 1.400 followers and I’m so excited! As usual, every hundred I reach I make a post to thank you all for your support, reminding you that you can always come to message me for anything you will need or even if you simply want to talk a little ^^
I’m sorry I am not that fast to update or reply in these days since I’m having a quite full schedule at school and stuff so I’m doing my best to keep up with anything.
Thank you very much again and let’s keep on supporting Ryosuke and JUMP together ♥

Love&kisses, Martina.


- (On a Christmas present for a girlfriend) First, I’d leave several boxes under the tree. But in all of them there’s only a paper with one hiragana-letter written on each. When you put them together you’d get a message that says “Catch the star”. And that way she would find a necklace hanged at the star on top of the tree. Waa~! ? Even if I say it myself, what a good idea! 

- Yamada Ryosuke

! U p d a t e !

Hello! Just wanted to say that I added a navigation bar with a connection to my twitter account yamarabu (a Ryosuke focused account) with all the updates about him so it’s easier to reach even for the ones who don’t have twitter and can’t follow it ^^

Plus the friends page and the about must be finished and changed but it’s late and I have to go to sleep ; - ; 

Have a nice day and thanks to all the new followers I’m getting in these days ; w ; /sends love and kisses to you all/


G I V E A W A Y ! ! ! 

So, I’ve been in the fandom for years, and I want to thank all of you that’s been in the fandom as well. I’m willing to give away some of my stuff to you all. I just think that you’ll appreciate it more than me now.

I’ll be giving away: 

  • Hitomi no screen single
  • Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single
  • Hey! Say! 7 single
  • Dreams come true single
  • Mystery Virgin A and B
  • [14] Magazines. (Sorry, too lazy to grab all my mags downstairs, and yes,I will be giving 7 magazines each, so that means 2 people will get it)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP 2008-2009 Calendar
  • JUMP first photobook
  • And for those people that I already know (follow on twitter, or I have already talked to, will be able to get a very special one~ yes it’s the last few photos.)

> Must be following me of course. (I know how you feel, it’s fine if it’s new or w/e, just at least, check my blog out.)

> Likes count

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> I will chose the winners at random using an app on MAY 21, 2014

Good luck!

tsumetaiyozora whispered:

Hello there little cutie♥♥

10 random facts about Yamada Ryosuke being the cutest human in the world

• If he wasn’t an idol, he would like to be a kindergarten teacher, because he loves kids.

• On a school trip in high school, he lost in janken and had to sing karaoke for everyone. He sang Mori no Kuma-san.

• The first time he would go meet his girlfriend’s parents at their home, he would show up in a bear costume, so that it could break the ice and make them laugh.

• Usually when he gets home, he takes off one sock, then thinks it’s too cold, so he leaves the other one on. But as it would be too troublesome putting the other back on, he walks around with wearing only one sock.

• To correct his bad sleeping posture, he sleeps hugging a big teddy bear, that is actually Lots-O’-Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3.

• When JUMP did an event at Sendai after the tsunami, he was so touched to be there that he started crying out loud during his speech. After the event he wrote Hana egao.

• “Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara” set had sweets that both Yamada and Ohno really liked, so Yamada looked up what they were and went to buy some for Ohno.

• Sometimes he brings pictures of puppies to the dressing room to look at them during breaks, because it soothes him. Lately he’s enchanted by teacup poodles. He also loves going to animal shops to look and pet different animals while dreaming about getting them.

• He has a picture of the JUMP members together, taken on Chinen’s birthday, framed up at home.

• Once Yamada and Keito went out pretty late in the evening, and at one shop Ride With Me was playing. Yamada’s the type to naturally feel like dancing when he hears music, so he had to hold himself back not to. When they got out of the store, he quickly checked that no-one’s around and started dancing the chorus while Keito laughed.

Yamada trying to keep a poker face during a hidden camera prank

Ever since I found out about them, Jump has become the main reason for my happiness.
Confessed by sequins-love 


Ever since I found out about them, Jump has become the main reason for my happiness.
Confessed by sequins-love 


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